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The DSM-V Task Force consists of the heads of the 13 Work Groups, as well as the Task Group Chair Dr. David Kupfer, and Vice Chair, Dr. Darrel Regier.

Dr. David Kupfer, DSM-V Task Force Chair

Dr. Kupfer earned his medical degree from Yale University. IN 1970 he was a professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, until 1973 when he became an associate professor at University of Pittsburg.  From 1983-2009 Dr. Kupfer was the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, as well as Director of Research at the Western Psychiatric institute. During his time there, he promoted and guided the research of the 200 faculty in the Pittsburgh psychiatry department.

He is an internationally recognized expert on both mood and sleep disorders. He presently holds membership in over 10 professional societies. He has (at one point or another) consulted for 20 pharmaceutical companies, as well as been on the Board of Directors for three. At the current time (during his work as Chair of the DSM-V task force) he has severed ties with the majority of these companies (with the exception of Fondazione IDEA, in Italy, and BodyMedia, Inc., where is on the Board of Directors) and receives less than 10,000$ annually from pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Kupfer’s primary task as Chair of the DSM-V Task Force include  coordinating research efforts and planning how the terminology and diagnostic criteria of the  DSM-5. In addition to his other duties with APA as Task Force Chair, he  was the senior editor of the Research Agenda for DSM-V, published in 2002.

Dr. David A. Regier, Vice-Chair DSM-V Task Force



Dr. Regier worked for 25 years at the National Institute of Mental Health, and is familiar with research development in epidemiology, prevention, clinical research, and health services research. He is a motivated individual, initiating the development of research using national health surveys.  This is not his first effort in constructing a manual of mental health disorders; he also worked with the World Health Organization on the international classification of mental disorders

In addition to his 25 years with NIMH, Dr. Rgier served as Executive Director for the American Psychiatric Institute for Research and Education (APIRE) a independent Research Institute of the APA (American psychiatric association). In part due to his position as Executive Director for APIRE, he was appointed Vice-Chair of the DSM-V task Force in 2006. As Vice-Chair, he is responsibily for coordinating the revision plans for the DSM-5. This is no mean feat, and involves coordinating a serious of Research Agenda white papers. In addition to this, he is serving as Principal Investigator for the NIH conference grant to review the incoming research on mental disorder diagnoses.  He has presented over

Dr. Regier has significantly fewer ties to pharmaceutical companies. He has received only two grants, one from Janssen Pharmaceutica that terminated in 2006 before his appointment as vice-chair of the DSM-5 Task Force, and an ongoing grant with APIRE, an associate of APA. From 2001-2011, Dr. Regier was Executive Director of the American Psychiatric Institute for Research and Education. He also directed the Research Division at the APA. Compared to Dr. Kupfer’s  over 20 consultation positions, Dr. Reiger would appear to be significantly less influenced by the advancement of pharmaceutical companies. This is a topic that we will see more of in ‘Concerns of the DSM-5.

On the DSM-5’s open website, you can see the various presentations Dr. Kupfer and Dr. Regier have participated in  between 2001 and 2011 to facilitate the publication of the DSM-5.  (http://www.dsm5.org/Research/Pages/Presentations.aspx)





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