Who is Involved?

Janet Greider

There are four primary groups involved in the development of the DSM-V, with the American Psychiatric Association at the heart of all efforts in the DSM-V (APA, 2011).

Associations and Institutes

In addition to the American Psychiatric Association, two affiliates of the APA are involved in the development of the DSM-V. The APPI (American Psychiatric Press Inc.) has been responsible for the publication of previous DSM’s.  It published the DSM-V Research Agenda prior to the release of the DSM-V, and will publish the DSM-V in May 2013. The APIRE (American Psychiatric Institute for Research and Education) coordinated the 13 research conferences that laid the groundwork for the appointment of the DSM-V Task Force (APA, 2011).

The NIH (the National Institute of Health) and WHO ( World Health Organization) cosponsored the research conferences, over half of which were held outside of the United States (APA, 2011)

APA Board of Trustees
In 2007, the Board of Trustees appointed the 27 members of the Task Force, who in turn appointed the members of the DSM-V Work Groups (APA, 2011)

The Board of Trustees also set the boundaries on who is able to be a member of the Task Force and Work Groups. These boundaries limited the quantity and value (maximum 10,000$ annually) of stock in pharmaceutical companies/device makers/biotechnology companies Work Group and Task Force members may hold. The Board of Trustees also limited the influence commercial health-care companies may have on members through pensions, retirement funds, and blind trusts. The Board of Trustees also decreed that Work and Task Group members could not work on the same teams as their spouses (APA, 2011).

The Board of Trusties will complete the final review of the DSM-V prior to its publish date in 2013

Task Force
The Task Force members are appointed by the Board of Trustees, and represent the head of the Work Groups. See DSMistory’s page on the primary members of the Task Force for more detail (APA, 2011).

Work Groups
There are 13 individual work groups. See DSMistory’s page on the DSM-5  Work Groups compared to the DSM-IV-TR’s Work Groups

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