our notes

Images: use image uploader

Youtube doesn’t need ’embed codes’- just copy and paste directly into the textbox

Blip, Viemo, etc, all need the embed code


Notes: Parent and Child Pages in organizing content

Parent page is the main page, followed by a child page. pick from a dropdown on Page Attributes. this allows us to organize and structure the content of our topic. Good idea to map out (with pages) the various topics and subtopics we’re going to do.
Remember that organization will need to be readable online. using these pages can create the outline (remember to use the internal links)
These will show up as ‘drop downs’ from a main page. So running along the top of the page will be the various other pages. if you scroll over those pages, you’ll have a drop down appear with the subtopics (child pages) to that page avalible for clicking. So divide page DSM IV into child pages ‘ important case study one’ , important case study 2, ¬†and history

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